Choctaw National Party Platform:

This is the current platform of the organization. We welcome your comments and input in developing it further to fully represent the ideals and interests and address the concerns of you the Choctaw People!

We, the Choctaw National Party do hereby pledge to strive to establish guidelines through Constitutional Reforms to accomplish…..

  • Free / Equal Access / Just Tribal Office Elections
  • Transparency in All Tribal Affairs
  • Establish Guidelines for Accountability in All Tribal Offices, Departments, Personnel and Elected Officials
  • Establish Election Recall Guidelines for All Elected Offices
  • Eliminate Appointed Offices….All Officials to be Elected by Registered Tribal Voters
  • Eliminate Non-Indian Legal Representation of the Tribe
  • Establish an Open Forum Giving Equal Access at Tribal Council Meetings and to the Tribal Council
  • Make Public All CNO Council Bills and Provide Opportunity for Tribal Member Comments
  • Clean Up the Voters Registration and Make Accessible to All Official Candidates
  • Maintain Current Blood Quantum Requirements for Elected Offices
  • Establish Term Limits for Elected Offices
  • Provide Freer Access and Usage of Tribally Owned Community Centers
  • Establish Stronger Guidelines for Tribal Member Hiring Preferences for All Department Head and Staff Postitions
  • Establish Guidelines for the Training of Under Employed Tribal Members Positions
  • Strengthen “Buy Indian Act” Giving Purchase Preference of Tribal Needs or Supplies to Indian Owned Companies
  • Strengthen Tribal Sovereignty, Eliminate Outside Influences and Control
  • Establish Tribally Owned Bank