Choctaw Groups And Activities You Might Be Interested In Knowing More About

These groups and activities are all involved in bringing about positive change in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma through advocacy for election reform, accountability or increased transparency. The Choctaw National Party does not necessarily share all the views of these organizations that are not part of our platform, but we do support their efforts to make our tribal government more open and responsive to our People. Therefore we list them here to inform you about their efforts.

Chahta Veterans for Chahta Civil Rights

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Halito Ankana! Sa hohchifo ʋt Yannʋsh Ushi Scott. I am currently the PR representative for Chahta Veterans for Chahta Civil Rights. CVCR was first established as a grass roots organization on November 10th 2014 for Chahta Veterans to continue their oath to defend, not only the United States constitution, but our own Choctaw Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. We are a group committed to insuring that the freedoms and rights that we are guaranteed in both our Choctaw Constitution and the U.S. Constitution, are never impeded or violated.

As Veterans, I know that we are and will always be charged gatekeepers for those certain inalienable rights that so many take for granted. So if you are a Choctaw Citizen and an honorably discharged Veteran of the Uniformed Services;(i.e. Army,Navy,Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard,USPHS,etc.), I hope that you will take up the responsibility once again to insure that our Fellow Chahta always have a voice to speak out without fear of reprisal from any person (tribal or otherwise), representative (tribal or otherwise), or employer (tribal or otherwise).

One of the issues currently on the table for CVCR is the request to Council to arrange a meeting with the current appointed Leader, Gary Batton, and our tribal citizens in a town hall fashion to answer questions concerning the recent embezzlement scandal in the case United States vs. Jason Merida. This request was drawn up, signatures were obtained by tribal members and presented to the council on December 14, 2014. We are still patiently waiting for Mr. Batton to answer. We are currently working in conjunction with other Choctaw interest groups and the Choctaw National Party on issues related to Election reform. If safeguarding the Freedoms and Civil liberties you as a veteran swore to uphold is a cause you would like to be a part of and contribute your efforts, please contact by email the persons listed below!

Yakoke for your time and your interest!

Chahta Veterans for Chahta Civil Rights

For more info:

Yannash Scott/ Public Relations

Stephen LeFlore/ Post Commander (North)

Choctaws Rising

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Who Are We?

We are mothers and grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, uncles, grandfathers, sons and brothers. We are current and former employees of the Choctaw Nation. We come from all walks of life – we live inside and outside the Choctaw Nation boundaries. We are former elected tribal councilmembers, farmers, nurses, doctors, teachers, social workers, janitors, bus drivers, professors, lawyers, students and so much more.

What is our Mission?

We are building a better Choctaw Nation for the next seven generations and beyond. We know our tribal history and are working to ensure that our modern history does not repeat itself.
Together we will build a Nation that our children and grandchildren can prosper in and our ancestors can be proud of. We are working for tomorrow and the day after. Our sights are set high and we have lofty goals. We labor in the fields knowing that someday we will reap the harvest of the seeds we are sowing. But with the Creator behind us, our ancestors inspiring us, and our current government haunting us we know we will overcome, we will be victorious.

What are our Goals?

Our goal is to reform the Constitution of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma to: eliminate the bribery of our chief, assistant chief and council and the theft of our assets; have fair elections and give all candidates equal access to the Voter’s List; make the assistant chief an elected position; enact term limits so our leaders are elected public servants and not appointed for life; expand the Tribal Council to create 3 at-large seats so Choctaws living outside the Nation will have a voice on the Council and Choctaws inside the Nation can fairly elect Councilors instead of the Chief controlling who serves on the Council; allow all Choctaws by blood to hold elective office; allow the council to have an independent lawyer from the chief; create a fair and transparent government that responds to and meets the needs of all Choctaws, holds all council and committee meetings in public where every Choctaw has full access and business is conducted in the light of day, not behind closed doors in the dark shadows controlled by the puppet masters.

Choctaws Rising